Long Term

Aimed at young adults aged 18 – 25

The long term volunteering programme is aimed at young adults aged 18 – 25. This is an exciting opportunity to partake in a yearlong residential experience that focuses on both professional skills and team development through a practical and theoretical training programme. The training programme includes themes around peace building, reconciliation and group work, and is further explored and enhanced by the incredible opportunity to live with the residential staff team which makes up our local “global community”. 

We believe in the value of a serve and learn programme, the life skills it offers and the transferable skills volunteers have identified. 

What they get from the experience

Throughout the year, volunteers will acquire a range of transferable skills, thus also building their capacity for work in their own communities upon their return home. 

Opportunity to participate in a programme of personal development and growth whilst having opportunities to train and deliver in a professional capacity.  

Opportunities for programmatic exposure, shadowing professionals in their field of work (on and off site)

Intentional and responsive training programme. Volunteers will participate in training for the first 6 months whilst working at the centre. During the last six months they will continue their training and assist in delivery of training. 

Networking opportunities with professionals in the field of peace building.  


There will be two entry points into the long term volunteering programme: one in January and one in September, accepting 6 volunteers at each entry point.

 The long term volunteering programme is aimed at young adults aged 18 – 25 although we may accept applications if you are just above this age range.

We are currently accepting applications for our September 2017 intake of 6 volunteers. If interested in this position, please contact our Volunteering Office volunteering@corrymeela.org for more information.