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Our Community

Corrymeela began with the idea of ‘community’ – with individuals, inspired by their Christian faith, agreeing to be in respectful relationship with each other as an expression of how people can live well together.

The Corrymeela Community Charter helps to explain Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Do It, How We Do It, and How We Know We’re Doing It Right. Read it here: The–Corrymeela–Community–Charter–2024.pdf

Today, the ‘Corrymeela Community’ includes:

  • 190 members dispersed across the island of Ireland;
  • a staff of 35 working at our residential centre in Ballycastle, our office in Belfast and through programmes that can take place where the needs lead us;
  • a small group of Horizons volunteers residing for year together at our centre;
  • and all the Associates, friends and guests who take ‘Corrymeela’ with them into their own relationships and encounters with others.

We continue to believe that peace is not a status to achieve, but a practice to carry out continually and communally. It requires us to commit to a new way of being: living not in rivalry with each other or with the threat of violence, but with respect for our differences – allowing conflicts to lead to greater understanding rather than to harm – and to new hope that we can create a future that works for all of us.

For more information about membership and other ways to be involved in Corrymeela, click the link below: