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Our Commitment

Why a Statement of Commitment?

All language is powerful – and language has the capacity to create meaning as well as create division. At Corrymeela we know that any language about commitment must be demonstrated in the quality of our love for each other, our dedication to a way of life and our engagement with our world. 

We offer our commitment to each other, before God, on an annual basis. We do this to keep ourselves to a centre – a centre of commitment and love, engagement and reconciliation, curiosity and questioning. 

Our commitment is less a doctrinal statement for us, and more an acknowledgement of the sacred story around which we are based. People join Corrymeela for many reasons. For some, Corrymeela was an experience of inclusion and community that was transformative, and so we became members. For others, it was the theological commitment to a particular way of being in the world. For still others, the commitment to Corrymeela comes as a result of being involved in the work, and believing that the work is important. 

When we say the Commitment we are saying that we wish to be part of a community that holds these things at its “centre.”  Further, when we say the Commitment, we are also making a speech–act; it is not just words: we are promising that actions ensue.

Statement of Commitment

The Community was founded in 1965 by the Rev. Ray Davey and makes the following commitment together:

As a community of Christians drawn from many traditions, we

AFFIRM our faith in the reconciling power of God in Jesus Christ;

CELEBRATE the promise of life;

CONFESS our own responsibility for the destructive conflicts in our society;

BELIEVE that we have been called to seek a deeper understanding of our faith;

SURRENDER ourselves to the spirit of Jesus to overcome our own divisions and make ourselves instruments of His peace;

COMMIT ourselves to work for a society whose priorities are justice, mutual respect, the participation of all, concern for the vulnerable and the stranger, stewardship of resources, and care for Creation;

AGREE to pray regularly for each other,
to join in the worship of the community,
to give time to the life and work of the community,
to care for and support each other,
to live out our commitment in our daily lives,
to give, according to our ability, to the funds of the community;*

And WISH, through the power of the Spirit, to walk the way of the Gospel together.

*Members are asked to contribute between 4% and 10% of their net disposable income.  The current target, for membership contributions, is £76,000 per annum.