Corrymeela About


Who we are

Corrymeela is an ecumenical community dedicated to reconciliation.

Our mission is to transform division through human encounter.  

Long associated with the conflict in and about Northern Ireland, Corrymeela’s mission addresses the human tendency to divide the world into ‘them’ and ‘us.’ We believe a ministry of reconciliation lies at the heart of the gospel – and that we can experience the divine in our grace–filled encounters with those we would label ‘other.’ 

A belief in the reconciling power of God holds us together as a community. We find inspiration in the story of Christ even as we recognise that religion can tear us apart. We are attentive to divisions between people of different faiths; between those of a particular faith and none; differences between genders and sexual orientation identities; as well as divides between ethnic, political and economic backgrounds. 

We seek out those whose lives tell a different story. Through these encounters, we learn about the world, about God and about ourselves. We choose to be honest, to apologise and to change, so as to love in life–giving ways. Transforming division does not mean eliminating conflict; it does mean fundamentally changing our experience in order to find ways to celebrate difference and to bring healing where there is pain. 

Our members work for the healing of social, religious and political divisions that exist in Northern Ireland and throughout the world. We are a dispersed community of individuals from many backgrounds and with many approaches to faith. We unite in our commitment to the values and work of Corrymeela. Along with maintaining a residential centre for peace and reconciliation, we aim to become ‘centres of peace and reconciliation’ wherever we live, work and worship. 

Every year at our dedication service we commit to this vision. 

Every month we gather for worship and encouragement. 

Every day we offer ourselves the chance to engage in prayer and reflection. 

Every encounter presents an opportunity to transform division. 

We are Corrymeela and you are always welcome.