Terms & Conditions


We offer both day and residential facilities to a range of beneficiaries, community and commercial customers. We provide accommodation, meeting space, meals, refreshments and as required programme content and / or facilitation in return for the Agreed Charge.  

If you have been directed to this web page following receipt of a Bookings Pack please take a few minutes to read and understand the following Booking Terms and Conditions before signing and returning the Booking Acceptance Form.


The booking process in summary:

Bookings are made following an Enquiry

Bookings are provisional when Corrymeela issues a Bookings Pack

Bookings are confirmed when you return a signed Booking Acceptance Form

Bookings will be invoiced for the full amount due two weeks prior to arrival

Additional charges agreed will then be invoiced subsequently

All bookings are provisional until a signed Booking Acceptance Form (BAF) has been returned to Corrymeela. Receipt of your signed BAF is confirmation that you have read these Booking Terms and Conditions and that you agree to the original charges or those indicated in your amended BAF. You should NOT consider that any dates, preferred facilities or costs have been agreed between us until you have received written confirmation from Corrymeela in the form of an emailed Bookings Pack. Should any of the contents of the BAF and/or Bookings Pack not reflect what was communicated at point of sale please indicate this in writing when you return your signed BAF. Corrymeela will not make you liable for any charges for which you have not explicitly accepted liability.  

We’ll resend an updated Bookings Pack upon request at any time to accurately reflect the financial liability of your booking and its Total Agreed Charge. Upon receipt of a signed BAF, Corrymeela considers that we have entered into an agreement to provide the services specified in return for the specified charges. In the instance that your booking has been supported (i.e. your actual costs have been subsidised by funds available to Corrymeela) you agree that Corrymeela can explore, with your full consent, how to report on work that was supported by Corrymeela funds.  

Your booking begins at the specified arrival time and ends at the specified departure time. Early arrival and/or late departures are liable to incur additional charges. Please communicate with us proactively when an early arrival or a late departure is foreseen and we’ll work to accommodate your request and clarify any charges incurred.


Should you wish to cancel your booking please be aware that all deposits are non–refundable and non–transferable. Cancellation charges will be applied to all bookings cancelled within eight weeks of the arrival date. Corrymeela reserves the right to apply a Cancellation charge calculated on the basis of the Total Agreed Charge indicated on the most recent BAF minus any deposit payment received by Corrymeela. Bookings cancelled within the eight week window will be charged 25% of the Total Agreed Charge minus any deposit received and bookings cancelled within four weeks of the arrival date will incur a 50% Cancellation charge on the same terms as above.


Please advise Corrymeela of any changes to the number of guests in a timely manner as this will affect your Total Agreed Charge. You accept that Corrymeela will invoice for the numbers you have booked or were updated by you two weeks prior to your arrival date. Following your visit any additional or outstanding charges will be issued to you in a Follow–up Invoice.  

Shared Space

Corrymeela reserves the right to appropriately re–allocate bedrooms, meeting rooms and residential accommodation (House or Village) to achieve the maximum occupancy of the site. Our entire site and the two independent residential units are available for purchase on a Sole Occupancy basis but unless this has been agreed you should expect that you are coming to a shared space where you will encounter others.

It is our intention to practice a form of hospitality that should not be considered equivalent to booking a hotel. Our hope is that your experience of Corrymeela will be defined by participation in temporary community. In that vein we invite all Guests to participate in our daily practice of stilling our hearts in the Croí, sharing in clear–up after meal times and when you’re among us residentially we invite Guests to change their bedding on the departure day.

If you are unable to participate in the shared tasks as per our invitation, we ask that you communicate this to us as part of the process of confirming your booking. We have no desire to demand participation that is incompatible with your needs however we always wish to ensure that our mutual expectations are clear and realistic.

As an expression of open Christian community, we create morning and evening spaces to still our hearts, re–connect with ourselves and others. This centering rhythm acknowledges and honours the divine but it is also designed to be a welcoming space for people of all faiths and none. Everyone onsite is invited and welcome to attend this reflective space.  

We ask that all Bookings respect this short space and do not schedule over these time slots – if possible – this enables staff and volunteers to attend, and gives Guests the opportunity to experience participation in this practice. Croí–time is usually not more than 15–30mins and happens at the following times daily: Monday: 9am only; Tuesday to Friday morning: 9am and 9.00pm; Friday evening: 10.00pm; Saturday: 9am & 9.00pm and Sunday: 12.30pm.


We’ll always work to honour the charges of existing, however we reserve the right to increase our charges or change our Price List rates in order to ensure that our operations are financially sustainable. If changing charges means that your booking is no longer viable you can assume that your booking is exempt from the Cancellation charges detailed above.

Dietary & Meals

As part of welcoming Guests to Corrymeela we hope to ensure that you enjoy a satisfying and healthy food experience. We will endeavour to accommodate dietary requirements that are medically critical, provided we are notified at least two weeks in advance. Custom dietary and / or menu arrangements may also be subject to a menu supplement. We are not in a position to accept responsibility for acute medical conditions and we cannot guarantee that our facilities will be nut free.

Typically we serve the following meals at these times: Breakfast: 8:30am; Lunch: 1:00pm & Evening Meal: 6:00pm. Please note that if you are arriving or departing outside of these times we will not assume that you want a meal. It is your responsibility to request such meals as part of the booking process. It is possible to make small adjustments to meal times subject to operational capacity and authorisation by the Hospitality Manager.

Departures and Arrivals

We ask all resident Guests to change their bedding and vacate their bedrooms by 10am on the day of departure. This usually allows us enough time to prepare rooms for the next arrival. Sometimes when a group arrives on the same day that another departs, the arriving group may not be able to access bedrooms until about 2.00pm.

Damages and Breakages

Guests are responsible for the full cost of replacement or repair in the case of accidental or deliberate damage.


Corrymeela does not provide bath or shower towels but a range of hand drying arrangements are in place in the toilet facilities onsite. Guests should bring their own towel with their personal belongings.

First Aid Arrangements

Corrymeela does not provide extensive arrangements for an injured person. All groups booking are primarily responsible for making their own appropriate first aid arrangements. Corrymeela will pro–actively support to ensure that any injured person receives treatment from a qualified person and this support will be coordinated by either our daily cover coordinator or a member of staff.


The Final Invoice will be based on guest numbers recorded at the billing point two weeks prior to the Arrival Date and any other invoiceable elements communicated by the named booking contact and agreed by Corrymeela. To ensure an accurate Final Invoice please pro–actively update Corrymeela about changes to guest numbers before we reach the two week billing point. Our Invoicing system groups charges by the following five headings: Residential, Facilitation, Resources, Corrymeela Support and Transport. We cannot provide a more detailed breakdown automatically but this is available upon request – subject to an additional £10 admin fee.

The charges indicated in the contents of the Bookings Pack are provisional and based on our understanding of what was agreed with you. The Total Agreed Charge often includes estimates for Facilitation/Design & Delivery & Transport. Please be advised that we charge a 10% coordination fee for all transport arrangements that we coordinate on your behalf. You can expect that as we get accurate information about actual charges we will agree these with you and add these costs to your Final Invoice / outstanding balance, subject to when the charges are recorded in our Management Information System. Any outstanding balance following the payment of your Final Invoice will be liable for payment and a subsequent Invoice will be issued to cover the outstanding payment due.


We ONLY accept payment in Sterling. Payment of the Final Invoice and any subsequent Invoicing to settle an outstanding balance following your stay is due immediately after the issue date on the Invoice from Corrymeela. Our preferred payment method is BACS. 

Payment is also accepted by cheque, cash or card. Credit card payments for group bookings are subject to a 3% processing fee which will added to your Final Invoice. You can pay by card over the phone or in person at Corrymeela by arrangement. Please make cheques payable to: The Corrymeela Community. When making an electronic payment please pay The Corrymeela Community using the details shown on the Invoice you received from Corrymeela. When paying by BACS please ensure that you incur all charges your bank associates with making payment to Corrymeela. This is usually an amount of between £6–£18GBP – please clarify the costs your bank will add to the transaction and increase the amount payable to cover this banking charge. Corrymeela is not VAT registered and so please be aware that there is not VAT element within our charges.

Acceptance of Terms

When you return a signed Booking Acceptance Form your booking is secured and you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions set out on this web page.

Revision of Terms and Conditions

Corrymeela reserves the right to revise and update these Terms and Conditions at anytime and without notice.

This document was updated by Matt Scrimgeour on July 30 2017.