Corrymeela Bookings


Terms & Conditions

Our invitation to your group

We would love to welcome your group onsite soon, to ensure that your visit is a positive one for everyone.
We invite you to agree to these Terms and Conditions.

1. Quotes are only valid for 30 days (from the issue date on the original booking documents).

2. Charges are for a minimum group size of 10 people and a minimum of a 2 nights’ stay.

3. Bookings will only be confirmed if the 2 following conditions are completed:
• Receipt of a non–refundable/non–transferable deposit of 25% of booking cost, and
• A signed Booking Acceptance Form (BAF) 

(If the booking is not confirmed within the period of the quotation (30 days), the dates may be passed to another group.)

4. You must confirm the final numbers and arrangements for your group 8 weeks before arrival. We will then confirm our charges based on your figures.
• Following a significant reduction in participant numbers, Corrymeela reserves the right to reallocate accommodation unit(s) and/or lounge(s) as appropriate. (We will do everything we can to accommodate your group well)
• Early arrivals or late departures may incur additional charges, these will be included in your final invoice.
• Additional participants will be included in a final invoice.

5. The invoice (based on the numbers confirmed at 8 weeks) will be sent two weeks prior to the residential and is payable before arrival. Any additional costs incurred will be invoiced after the visit.

6. Cancellation charges of a confirmed booking are on a sliding scale based on a percentage of the agreed cost of the booking:
• 4 months’ notice – 25% of total booking (i.e. deposit)
• 3 months’ notice – 40% of total booking
• 2 months’ notice – 75% of total booking
• 1 month’s notice – 90% of total booking
• Less than one month’s notice – 100% charges of the total booking charges

7. All invoices must be settled in sterling.

Covid–19 flexible booking policy
We have introduced a Flexible booking procedure during the pandemic, if your booking is directly affected by new Government restrictions, we will negotiate alternative dates for your booking and transfer your deposit payment into the new booking.

Protecting your group from Covid–19
• The safety of our guests, staff and volunteers is our priority and we have implemented additional measures to create a Covid secure environment for everyone at Corrymeela.
• We will be sharing additional information and guidance prior to your arrival regarding the additional precautions we will have in place to ensure your safety and ours. We will expect that you, as the group leader, will work with us to ensure that your group members follow our guidelines and keep everyone safe.

Keeping Everyone Safe: As a group leader / parent you must be in attendance at all times and are accountable for the conduct and safety of those present in your group. Group leaders/parents must provide suitable supervision of young people during programmed activities. Non–compliance with these terms may result in participant(s) or your group being asked to leave the site. All charges related to your booking are non–refundable.

Alcohol and Drugs: The Corrymeela Community is committed to creating a ‘safe space’ that ensures the health, safety and welfare of staff, volunteers, members, and all guests visiting/attending or staying residentially. Guests/Visitors/Groups are not allowed to consume or store alcohol or illegal drugs onsite. We need group leaders and participants to respect this and ensure that this policy is maintained. If alcohol or non–prescription drugs are consumed or stored onsite; Corrymeela reserves the right, at all times, to request that those involved leave the centre and/or that the group terminates their programme immediately. All charges related to your booking are non–refundable.

Valuables: Group participants are fully responsible for their own personal property. Corrymeela does not accept liability for any personal property. 

Damages and Breakages: In the case of accidental or deliberate damage – guests are responsible for the full cost of replacement or repair. The charge will be included on your invoice.



On receipt of your signed Booking Acceptance Form and/or deposit payment the group agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions and accepts liability for the full payment of the deposit invoice, final invoice and any cancellation charges

Corrymeela reserves the right to revise and update these Terms and Conditions 
This document was last updated October 2020