Violence and the Sacred (Girard), Corrymeela Ballycastle

03 - 05 Nov 2017
Corrymeela Ballycastle


girardCan we build experiences of communion with one another or must we continue with the ways of violence and exclusion?

We are delighted that Derick Wilson and Duncan Morrow, Corrymeela Community Members, will be hosting a weekend to examine the thinking of René Girard, the renowned Stanford scholar whose work focused on scapegoating, violence, religion and belonging. Since 1977, through the Dutch Northern Irish Committee members, Roel Kaptein, Andre Lascaris and Aat van Rhijn, the Corrymeela Community has been uniquely influenced by the theories of Girard and the challenge it poses for reading and understanding the biblical texts, especially those of the New Testament.

Duncan, Derick, Frank Wright and others have practically applied Girard’s ideas to the work of: teachers, youth workers, family workers and restorative practitioners; politics and economics; and in institutional change programmes as well as with communities of faith.

The weekend will present some overviews of Girard’s thinking and offer some specific sessions with resources relevant to the community practices outlined above. The weekend is open to those who are familiar with and those who are new to the thinking of Girard.  Some papers will be distributed in advance for preparatory reading for those who register for the event.  It is intended that this will develop into a series of annual events.

Dr. Duncan Morrow is: Director of Community Engagement and lectures in politics at Ulster University

Dr. Derick Wilson is: Reader Emeritus in Education (Restorative practices and Community relations) at Ulster University.

Both have chapters in a new book on the application of Girard’s theories published by Michigan State University Press with a foreword by Rowan Williams  ‘‘Can we Survive our Origins?” (eds.Antonello & Gifford)