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Brexit and the Book of Ruth, Bushmills

11 Sep 2018
Bushmills Presbyterian Church

RuthFor 2018, Corrymeela has produced resources to explore conversations about Brexit, borders and belonging using the book of Ruth from the Hebrew Bible.

The Book of Ruth details the story of Ruth, her mother–in–law Naomi and Ruth’s eventual husband Boaz. It’s a story of borders, tensions between neighbouring territories, stereotyping narratives between people long divided, law, how laws change when people meet people, hunger, resentment, shame and love. 

Using the lens of this extraordinary book, we have produced nine resources for use in congregations across both sides of the Irish border as well as congregations in England, Scotland and Wales. If you’re on the island of Ireland, we can probably arrange to come visit your congregational group to have a discussion, you can download the resource by clicking on the link below.

borderThe resource is designed to address our need to belong to each other –– across the Irish border and in the changing experience of Brexit. It’s our full expectation that people who participate in this project will have voted differently on Brexit, changed their mind or kept their mindset. This resource and project does not seek to establish consensus on what should have happened in Brexit, but rather seeks to open up the conversation about how the sacred and ancient Book of Ruth can speak to our contemporary politics and relationships across difficult borderlands. 

Download Ruth/Brexit resource


10.30am Bushmills Presbyterian Church hosted by Causeway Coast Peace Group

We have events planned for Derry and Monaghan, dates of these will be posted here when they are finalised.



Thematic Study #1 Liturgical Setting
Exploring the story of Ruth within its setting in the annual cycle of Jewish liturgy.

Thematic Study #2 Counter Narratives
The book of Ruth is again a strong counter–narrative to the idea of racial purity and the imposition of forced divorce of foreign women in the post–exile era.

Thematic Study #3 Addressing Stereotypes
The story constantly reminds us that Ruth was Moabite, a people whose relationship with Judah is characterised by a deep and historical antipathy.

Thematic Study #4 Compassion and the Law
The book of Ruth demonstrates how the people of of Bethlehem review of their laws and traditions to expand the scope of those who are included within their protection

Thematic Study #5 Enlarging the Circle of Kinship
The book uncovers for us a startling possibility that belonging can come not simply from blood but also from behaviour.

Reading the Story, part 1: Chapter 1:6–18—Crossroads Decisions

Reading the Story, part 2: Chapter 2:1–18—The Migrant Worker

Reading the Story, part 3: Chapter 3:1–18—Who is Family?

Reading the Story, part 4: Chapter 4:1–22—A Complicated End