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#couragepentecost is coming

16 Mar 2021



The Northern Ireland Peace Process continues long after the agreement was signed. Sadly, we continue to see sectarian and paramilitary violence in our communities. Even in the last month, there have been incidents of violence that affect the individuals involved, their families, the services responding and all those in the community who are left with a sense of anxiety.  

Many of us know people in our churches who have bravely responded to those incidents, often working quietly behind the scenes. However, it is also true that many of us feel unable to respond. Silence becomes the norm. 

Mindful that at Pentecost a church in lockdown was transformed into a courageous community living out its faith in the real world, a group of Christians from a variety of denominations has begun to imagine the small steps we could be make to develop collective civic courage. We call it #couragepentecost.

In the 50 days from Easter Monday (5 April) to Pentecost (23 May) we will offer a series of daily suggestions via social media platforms as an encouragement to deepen our journey of courage. 

The launch for this initiative will the 16th of March at 4pm. You can register for the event at

This event will welcome you to a journey of prayerful action. All are welcome. While we are inspired by the Christian  story of Pentecost, we know that courage is for all.