Corrymeela Events


Public Theology, Churches and Partition

27 Jan - 17 Feb 2022

As part of looking at the legacy of Partition in Ireland and building resources for churches to be spaces of reconciliation post the centenary of Partition, we are hosting 4 conversations by zoom.

The first will be on Holocaust Memorial Day, Thursday the 27th January at 7.30pm.

We will hear from a Bosnian who lived through the war in their country and a Rwandan genocide survivor. This will be the first conversation, and it will be followed every week at the same time for 4 weeks in total.

By hearing from reflections from around the world as well as local voices, we will build deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing us in our society. Borders, partition, border polls, nationality, identity and Brexit continue to be the background the space we share in Northern Ireland.

You can register for this free event via this link: Meeting Registration – Zoom

To learn more, email our Programme Manager for Public Theology: