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Enneagram Workshop residential

17 - 18 Feb 2024
Corrymeela Ballycastle


On 17th–18th February 2024 we’ll be running another Enneagram workshop.

The Enneagram is a tool that helps us understand ourselves better. It helps us reveal our biases, unconscious patterns, core beliefs, coping strategies and crucially a pattern for growth. By exploring the nine types within the Enneagram we can begin to see how these patterns and beliefs have helped shape us yet also limit us. The Enneagram can reveal to us and point us – through accessible spiritual practices – to who we are as more than just our type or personality.

The February workshop provides a chance for those who already know their type to grow further with the Enneagram. So if you want a weekend to delve further into the Enneagram and your type we hope this space allows for that inner work facilitated by Jonny and Carrie

To learn more or to reserve a spot, email: Thank you!