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Theologies of Atonement, Corrymeela Belfast Office

06 Apr 2017
Corrymeela Belfast Office, 83 University St. Belfast BT7 1HP

theoloTheologies of Atonement

Venue: Corrymeela Belfast Office, 83 University Street, Belfast, BT7 1HP

Jesus of Nazareth died by crucifixion, and the Christian scriptures offer different reasons why this is significant. The explanations of Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection is refererred to as the “atonement” – literally meaning “at–one–ment” – depicting that in dying, Jesus of Nazareth was at one with humanity.

What this precisely means is a mystery. Some parts of the Christian Scriptures describe the significance of his death as a kind of ransom, others as a kind of debt. Christian Orthodoxy proposes an at–one–ment with human dignity, and liberation theology sees in the death of Jesus the truth of a world that pulls itself apart in war.

Join the Corrymeela Community for a series of six gatherings exploring different Theologies of Atonement during Lent 2017. All are welcome. We will explore some theological readings, read some biblical texts, and consider these texts in conversation with our own stories and the story of our world today. These sessions will be led by Sarah Williamson, Duncan Morrow and Pádraig Ó Tuama. 

Suggested donation of £5 per gathering. Dates, times and topics below. All events at our Belfast offices (83 University Street, BT7 1HP).


9 March 7–8.30pm:

Theology interwoven with history (1/2): (In)famous theologies of atonement through history: Christus Victor, Penal Substitution and Satisfaction.

16 March 7–8.30pm:

Theology interwoven with history: (2/2) Contemporary theologies on the atonement Post Colonial, Liberation, Non–Violence

23 March 7–8.30pm

Jesus, the forgiving Victim. Reflections on the crucified and living Jesus through the lens of René Girard. 


 30 March 7–8.30pm 

Contextual theological reading of Atonement in Northern Ireland politics. 

6 April 7–8.30pm

Atonement: so what? Exploring what understandings of atonement can mean in our personal, religious and societal circles. 

All events at our Belfast offices (83 University Street, BT7 1HP).

If you are coming along, please let us know, either email or call 028 9050 8080, tea, coffee and Lent–appropriate biscuits will be provided.