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14th February 2014 – St. Valentine’s Day and the bombing of Dresden

14 Mar 2014

Today amidst the roses, chocolates and meals for two  Eros the Greek god of romance  is everywhere but let us take a moment to think of the other form of love – Agape. The unconditional, selfless love,  a love that is   committed to social justice and to the well–being of others.

Ray Davey the founded Corrymeela as a result of his experience in WW2 particularly  the bombing of Dresden in February 1945 –today is the 69th anniversary of this  horrific event.  Ray could have lost hope at what he had witnessed in Dresden but he didn’t  Agape love conquered.

Irish poet Oliver St John Gogarty  I think captures this and perhaps  true meaning of love  in his poem “To Death”

But for your Terror
Where would be valour?
What is love for
But to stand in your way?

Taker and Giver,
For all you endeavour
You leave with us more
Than you touch with decay!