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Gathering in Glasgow on Conflict and Faith

14 Nov 2019

Corrymeela people were prominent during a recent conference in Glasgow at the end of October. Organised by Place for Hope, the Gathering in Glasgow on Conflict and Faith brought together over 200 practitioners and activists from throughout the UK and Ireland committed to conflict transformation and peace building.

Brendan McAllister was a keynote speaker who urged the conference to hold on to the reality that peace building had a spiritual dimension as well as the technical element of treaties and agreements. Duncan Morrow led two workshops on the contours of sectarianism in Scotland, and Glenn Jordan did two workshops on Brexit through the Book of Ruth.

Alex Wimberly led worship on Friday and said after the event, “We gathered to celebrate Place for Hope’s 10 years of transformative work, and became recipients of a programme perfectly timed for the moment we are in. Workshops and speakers challenged us to value lament, to accept the gift of waiting, and to allow the pastoral potential of our human relationships to rekindle our hope in the work of reconciliation.” 

Friday evening in Glasgow also saw a gathering of Community members in the home of Katherine and Fred Vincent which served beautifully to deepen and renew relationships.