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Corrymeela appoints Tim Magowan as Executive Director

02 Apr 2020

Tim Magowan
Tim Magowan

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Magowan as our Executive Director.

Tim has accepted the position after holding the post on an interim basis for the past 15 months. Throughout his time, Tim has brought the best out of our staff and volunteers, enabling us to continue to make progress as we have faced a series of challenges, not least of all the present COVID–19 crisis.

The appointment of Tim speaks to Corrymeela’s confidence in his leadership thus far and his ability to help steer us through the present situation. It also signals our commitment to transforming division through human encounter for years to come. 

On news of his appointment, Tim says, “Having spent time with several former leaders and directors, including Ray Davey and David Stephens, I feel a strong sense of the line of saints who have led Corrymeela to be an incredible catalyst of change in N.Ireland over the years. I feel honoured to be asked to help lead the organisation as Director to do continue to do this, both now through this immediate crisis and into a new future.

Alex Wimberly also comments “As Leader of the Corrymeela Community I am delighted that Tim has been appointed to this crucial post. We are in good hands for the future because we know that Tim will bring the best out of our people and our organisation every single day.

This announcement arrives as we are all focusing on how we can all respond to the effects of the coronavirus. Each day at Corrymeela, we have been sharing ‘prayers for community in time of pandemic.’ 

Please join us in these prayers (via Facebook and our website), and keep an eye out for our Sunday prayer films over the next few weeks. 

In light of the current situation we have also made a short film inviting you to become a regular giver as we navigate through these uncertain times.

At this moment of social distancing and extraordinary but necessary measures, your support is helping to inspire people to know that the best way to face this threat is together. We are pleased to be able to move forward with Tim as our ED, and with you as part of who ‘we’ are.