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Corrymeela Calls for Collective Civic Courage

08 Apr 2021

Statement from the Leader of the Corrymeela Community: 


In the wake of the violence this past week, Corrymeela calls on politicians, church and community leaders at all levels of society to stand against violence, its provocation and the manipulation of young people.

Acting together, we can demonstrate collective civic courage to stand with:

families who now live with fear in their homes and whose isolation has increased in recent days;

youth workers who help to safeguard the vulnerable and prevent their abuse;

all those who steer young people away from violence and towards hope;

young people who deserve better opportunities to live their lives to the fullest;

those whose trauma from the past has been revisited and compounded by this violence.

Echoing words from the Belfast Agreement, we ‘firmly dedicate ourselves to the achievement of reconciliation, tolerance, and mutual trust, and to the protection and vindication of the human rights of all’ and call upon others to join us.


Every year Corrymeela works with thousands of people from different communities in finding ways to live better together. A key element of this work is working with communities who are affected by sectarianism, community and paramilitary violence. The Corrymeela Community is led by the Rev. Alex Wimberly.

Our current #couragepentecost project offers suggestions for actions that can be taken in the face of sectarianism and paramilitary violence. Each action is invitational rather than aspirational, seeking to equip and encourage individuals to consider and deepen their own journeys of courage towards reconciliation.

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