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Journeying to Easter with the Corrymeela Community

01 Apr 2024

JOURNEYING TO EASTER with the Corrymeela Community:

Lenten Prayers from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday  


Each day of Lent 2024, Corrymeela posted prayers online as part of our Lenten practice. Photographs of the coastline and countryside around Corrymeela accompanied these prayers, no doubt attracting people who would not always stop to read a prayer on a social media feed. 

It is humbling, however, to imagine that the content of the prayers also caused people to pause, providing them glimpses of something beautiful and moments for meaningful reflection. We are encouraged by the level of engagement these prayers have received and grateful that people, churches and other faith communities chose to include them in their own daily rhythms. 

These prayers are meant to be shared. You can find them through our Resources page or through the link below. Please feel free to pass them on and to adapt them as your context requires. There is no real restriction on their use. It is, of course, nice if Corrymeela is acknowledged as their source when they are used, but it is not necessary. More than anything, we are delighted to be made aware of new connections that arise because of them. So please: be in touch.

Grace and peace,

Alex Wimberly

Leader of the Corrymeela Community