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Inderjit Bhogal says thank you to all our Volunteers

30 May 2013

Corrymeela celebrates and is very thankful for the invaluable contribution volunteers make, and have made, for almost 50 years to the peace and reconciliation work of Corrymeela.

Corrymeela is a volunteering community. Volunteers are and have been the inspiration and life blood of the Corrymeela Community. The Community’s foundation derives from the voluntary endeavours of its Membership.

In addition to the Members of Corrymeela, some of whom have been volunteers with Corrymeela from our beginnings in 1965, we annually welcome up to 12 volunteers for the one year volunteering programme and 6 volunteers for various assistant / office positions.  Also on a quarterly basis we are assisted by 4 mid term volunteers, and on an on going basis, by our invaluable short term volunteers, who have committed so much of their time over many years. All these volunteers come to live, learn, teach and serve in our residential centre in Ballycastle for various time frames.

Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the work of Corrymeela. They are at the core and governance of our work. They increase our reach and are essential to our sustainability.  Our volunteers bring energy, passion, compassion, vitality, humour and unique skills sets to all we do, and we are grateful for their voluntary endeavours.

We would struggle to fulfil our mission without our volunteers.

We are thankful for our volunteers and celebrate their terrific contribution.

Inderjit BhogalLeader, Corrymeela