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Meet our 2016 relay teams for the Belfast Marathon

09 Apr 2016

We have 2 teams running in this year’s Belfast Marathon on the Monday 2nd May 2016, they are fundraising for our Volunteer Programme using Just Giving. 

Meet Kathleen, Dustin, Clare, Chris M., Mark, Kimberly, Kirsty, Chris F., Melissa and Annalena and read why they are running for Corrymeela.


This is why they are running for Corrymeela:

Hi, I’m  Kathleen Vitt and I’m from Winnipeg, Canada. I’m so excited to be a part of the Corrymeela team for the Belfast Marathon this year. I’ve always enjoyed beingactive and it hasn’t been too hard to find motivation to head out for a run with the Northern Coast of Ireland on our doorstep. It’s going to be a fun day of community – see you at the finish line!

My name’s Dustin Moretz, and I’m Corrymeela’s logistics intern from Michigan, USA. I’m running for Corrymeela because this organization is simply worth running for. Corrymeela has made strides (Ha!) since 1965 towards creating a community that lives well together.

Hello! My name is Clare Schellenberg and I am fromWinnipeg, Canada. Since I was young I have always loved being physically active. While running is not my sport of choice, the Belfast Marathon has given me motivation to train and work towards a goal both individually and as a team…and it wouldn’t hurt to lose the Corrymeela stone along the way! If you want to see a 6 foot 2 Canadian Mennonite lost around Belfast now is your chance!”

I am Chris Magennis, I’ve always wanted to take part in a marathon and having the opportunity to be a part of this for Corrymeela works perfectly for me. I’ve never been much of a runner – not for lack of trying! Giving myself both a goal to work towards and a worthy cause to raise towards will give me all the motivation I need to get out and get running. Corrymeela is a great organisation to donate to and rest assured any donations represent a whole lot of effort, not to mention sweat, from our teams.

Hi, I’m Mark Mullan, I’ve done legs of the Belfast Marathon twice before and have really enjoyed the experience, the Marathon brings everyone in the community out for a great day of running and festivities.


My name is Kimberly Bellows, I’m very much looking to running the marathon alongside some of the truly great friends I’ve made at Corrymeela. I also want to do what I can to support Corrymeela because I believe in its power to build bridges, foster critical dialogue and encourage growtha and confidence in its volunteers and guests. For all it has given me and so many others, I offer my pain, sweat and (possibly) tears. 

I am Kirsty Campbell and I have been a community member at Corrymeela since 2010 and I am here this time until June in the role of centre support. I really, really dislike running however as this is for the good cause of Corrymeela I have agreed to run the shortest part of the relay! I am keen to support Corrymeela in any way possible and happy to be part of the marathon team.

My name is Chris Foxall, I love to get my running shoes on and especially for Corrymeela. I have been a part of the Corry relay team before and thoroughly enjoyed it so what better way to raise some cash for the volunteer programme then have another crack at it. Super looking forward to race day. Please come one and all to support if you can and let’s try and raise as much for this amazing cause.

I am Melissa McFarlane and I hate exercise, but I love Corrymeela, so here I am participating in a team sport (yes, this counts as a team sport for me). If I was a dog, I’d be an Irish Setter. Sadly I’m not as graceful as this, but if you want to see an excitable ginger bouncing down the Ormeau Road – donate now!

My name is Annalena Zunftmeister,I love spending time outside and doing sport is something I like a lot,  I am looking forward to running the Team Relay at the Belfast Marathon and completing it with friends.

Please give them your support!!!!!!