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Exploring Brexit through the lens of Ruth. A Corrymeela resource

19 Apr 2018

RuthCorrymeela is delighted to make this material available as part of our desire to place the bible text right in the middle of the most difficult and profound issues in the public square.

We are passionately committed to reading the bible in this way, and it is a source of genuine wonder to us that this ancient text can play an active and stimulating role in informing and preparing us for this future. 

Download our Ruth/Brexit resource

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We want to know not just whether or not it was effective but also about the nature of the discussions stimulated by it.

What did your group learn?

What would your group have to say to the respective national and supra–national governments involved?

What kind of a society do we want post–Brexit?

And above all, as people and communities of faith, how should we now respond?

You can email the feedback form at the end of the resource to or if you prefer just send him an email with your thoughts.