20/20 Visions

Corrymeela has developed the 20/20 Visions Project supported by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs. The project will run through 2015 with the intention of directly addressing the widespread sense of political apathy and cynicism by inviting people to articulate what they mean by a ‘shared future.’  

We will ask people to imagine what their communities would like if sectarianism was no longer the norm. 

The first conversation we are seeking to grow is through our 20/20 Postcards. Each postcard is a blank canvass with two questions: 

What was good about today?

What if we could…by 2020?

We are inviting people of all ages, from 3 to 103, to draw, scribble and/or write their thoughts to one or both questions and send your postcard back to Corrymeela. The pictures, and ideas will then be displayed both on social media and at Corrymeela slowly building up, brick by brick, some new foundations.