Corrymeela Programmes


International Education

Because of Corrymeela’s 50 years of lived experience of peace building, universities from all over the world have come to share in Corrymeela’s praxis and learn from our theories of conflict transformation. We host hundred of students, both domestic and international, each year and offer a variety of educational and training programs to both students and educators.

We assist universities to ensure that they have the richest possible learning experience in Northern Ireland. Services we provide include:

Study Abroad Coordination: We are able to coordinate trip logistics for international universities studying abroad in Northern Ireland and/or the Republic of Ireland. Logistics can include transportation & accommodation and coordination of groups meeting with people impacted by the conflict in Northern Ireland. 

Hosting and Short–Term Education:  The Corrymeela Centre hosts university groups for learning experiences ranging from 24 hours to two weeks, often in conjunction with study abroad initiatives offered by universities.

International Summer School: The Summer School is the centerpiece of a shared learning strategy that offers universities, educators, and students the chance to access Corrymeela’s learning for the first time, as part of an annual connection.

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