Corrymeela Programmes


Hosted Universities

Below is a selection of American universities and others recently hosted at Corrymeela’s Ballycastle Centre.

Arcadia IPCR
Bernadotte Academy Sweden
Berufseinfuehrungskurs Bistum Basel
Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection
Facing History and Ourselves
Friends Forever International
Gemeinsamer Pfarrkonvent
Grand Valley State University
Greater Atlanta Christian School
Greater Chicago Church
Indiana Wesleyan University
Loyola Marymount University
Luther College
Missouri State University
Ohio Wesleyan University
Religion Kantonsschulen Aargau
Rudbeckianska gymnasiet Västerås
Sheryl Shenk Pilgrimage
St Joseph’s University
St. Alban’s Episcopal Church Youth
The Reconciliation Journey
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Dayton
University of Georgia School of Social Work
University of Louisville
University of Mary – Study Abroad Trip
Virginia Theological Seminary
Volunteers In Mission – Belfast Peace Project
Whitworth University