Corrymeela Programmes



Corrymeela’s mission is to “Transform Division through Human Encounter”


Marginalisation – As we understand it, this is not simply an experience of feeling on the margins, but a power structure that excludes. Our programmes support people who find themselves being pushed to the edges, and also works with groups to help them deepen their practice of inclusion, and challenge power structures that lead to exclusion.

If you want more information on any of the following programmes, please contact our Programme Manager: Marginalisation, Denise Bradley at or call 028 9050 8080.

Together We Shelter

Over the last 16 days, 16 women from diverse backgrounds and experiences within Corrymeela have joined together and shared stories to honour and mark 16 days of raising consciousness on global gender based violence.

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Find out more: Together We Shelter


Trauma informed Project

Trauma informed practice provides a critical ingredient to shape current and future support for those who have experienced pain and suffering from trauma adversity on the margins of society.

Find out more: Trauma Informed Project


Seed of Sequoia

Corrymeela seek to plant a faith movement of courage, compassion, and hope, supporting faith communities to become safer places for survivors, and working towards making Ireland’s societies free from domestic violence and abuse.

Find out more: Seed of Sequoia

Voice of Migrant Women Programme

Working in partnership with a consortium of partners, Corrymeela marginalisation programme seek to bring visibility to the voices and experiences of migrant women throughout NI society, through trauma informed participant led programmes.

Find out more: Voice of Migrant Women Programme


Conversational Support Hubs

The conversational hubs provide compassionate, comfortable online spaces of safety where those seeking asylum and refuge can share community and build confidence in speaking English one–to–one with Corrymeela community volunteers or staff. 

Find out more: Conversational Support Hubs