Corrymeela Programmes


Public Theology

Corrymeela’s mission is to “Transform Division through Human Encounter”

prog2webMatters of private religion have a public impact. We know this well, for good and for ill. The last twenty years have seen a rise in public consciousness about the impact of fundamentalism, and with it much truth and untruth about the nature of belief. With this in mind, we use the texts, traditions and practice of faiths to help us find ways towards each other, using faith to build bridges of understanding and mutual collaboration rather than walls of distrust.

If you want more information on any of the following programmes, please contact our Programme Manager: Public Theology, Glenn Jordan by email or call 028 9050 8080.


ruthBrexit and Ruth

A peace building project with churches and faith communities across NI and beyond. We are conscious of how the Brexit process brings up the question of British–Irish relations. The “Brexit and the Book of Ruth” project has been designed specifically to bring people together in a narrative of generosity as we enter into a difficult and divisive time. This can help us address stereotypes and deepen relationships between people across the Irish border and between the UK and Ireland. More information on this programme is available here. Partners: Community Relations Council (CRC) and Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).


Faith and Inclusion 

Through retreats, public meetings, the development of resources and dialogue with major Churches, Corrymeela addresses the impact of exclusion of LGBT people in Northern Ireland society. We work with individuals who are feeling isolated and targeted because of their sexuality, as well as provide training for individuals working for inclusion in the faith sector. We also provide opportunities for safe and focused dialogues between people who disagree about the inclusion of LGBT people in the life of the society. This project has been funded through many donors, and we are currently exploring new models of funding for this necessary project focus.

Spirituality of Conflict

Funded by a generous donation from the JVM Trench Trust Corrymeela has been thrilled to lead on the development of a resource that provides weekly reflections on conflict resolution through the lens of the Sunday Gospel Readings. This resource delves into the conflicts inherent in the gospel readings and provides insights for action, reflection and understanding of the dynamics of belonging, division and belief. More information is available here.  (opens in the Spirituality of Conflict website). Partners:  The Mission and Discipleship Unit of the Church of Scotland, Iona Community, Place for Hope, the Church of England, the British Methodists, the Irish School of Ecumenics and the Reconciliation Ministry at St. Michael’s House at Coventry Cathedral.