Corrymeela Corrymeela Community


Thoughts from the Croi

Corrymeela has a rhythm of prayer and reflection twice daily at our Ballycastle Centre. We are a dispersed Christian Community with 150 members, 50 associate members and around 4000 friends worldwide.

In the Croi at Ballycastle every day starts with a short act of worship and our members and friends around the world are invited to build this rhythm into their lives as well.

9am: Croí open, candle lit.
9-9.25am: Silence is held for prayer, reading, writing or simply to be.
9.25am: Bell is rung.
9.30am The host for the morning silence says the following:

Our text for today is:

Mark 9:41 - 13.06.2024

For truly I tell you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you bear the name of Christ will by no means lose the reward.

Corrymeela was begun by women and men of courage, humanity and faith. We are inspired by their story, the story of the gospels and the story of our world today.

Today we remember Corrymeela Community members and staff
We also remember those in our hearts. (short silence)

Host invites people to join in the prayer of courage:

Courage comes from the heart
and we are always welcomed by God,
the Croí of all being.

We bear witness to our faith,
knowing that we are called
to live lives of courage, love and reconciliation
in the ordinary and extraordinary moments
of each day.

We bear witness, too, to our failures
and our complicity in the fractures of our world.

May we be courageous today.
May we learn today.
May we love today.