Corrymeela Programmes



Corrymeela’s mission is to “Transform Division through Human Encounter”


Sectarianism can be viewed as a form of ‘belonging gone bad’. Our programmes build trust between diverse groups to deepen collaboration and belonging. We address fear and differences, give space for difficult conversations and encourage change at the community level and beyond.

If you want more information on any of the following programmes, please contact our Programme Manager: Sectarianism, Shona Bell, or call 028 2076 2626.


Strategic Dialogues and Community Facilitation

A series of strategic events convening key practitioners, community and elders to explore shared learning and new opportunities to develop interventions on sectarianism. This is ongoing. 

International Working Groups

In order to consolidate current practice and inspire creative thinking in peacebuilding, we are working with the Mershon Center for Security Studies in Ohio State University and the University of Ulster to host International Working Groups and Webinars with Academics, Policy Makers and Practitioners from around the world looking at the issues of moving from violence to peace. In Autumn 2021, we will host two international webinars and the platform will explore ‘No Peace without Justice?’ Keep an eye on the website for more information.

2020 Report on Moving From Violence to Peace here. Moving from Violence to Peace – Corrymeela


Corrymeela seeks to work in partnership to develop cutting edge research in residual violence in order that we might use evidence based research to inform good practice.

‘Countering Paramilitary and Organised Criminal Influence on Youth 2019’ is available through this link: Research – Corrymeela

In partnership with our Public Theology Department, the Sectarianism Department have been working on #courage. 


Following the extraordinary response at the funeral of Lyra McKee in 2019, Corrymeela, in collaboration with Fr. Martin Magill, began to consider ways in which to build a unified Christian response to sectarian and paramilitary violence. Father Martin Magill after Lyra McKee’s funeral – Bing video #couragepentecost is about inspiring acts of collective civic courage; creating a solidarity within which people and communities of faith are better equipped to speak out against the ongoing harms caused by conflict.

#couragepentecost resources can be found at


Day 34 of #couragepentecost was ‘lament.’

There has been so much hurt, loss and pain in our community from the trauma resulting from the conflict.  Our International Working Group provided a challenge to us.  Transition beyond conflict in other countries has benefited from community ritual, acknowledging both the past, and the peace that has been established.  In 2020, the #courage team developed a service of lament on the Day of Reflection which is the 21st of June in St Anne’s Cathedral. In partnership with the Cathedral and including Healing Through Remembering and the Wave Trauma Centre, we acknowledged the need for community lament. 

Some more information on the Day of Reflection here. Annual Day of Reflection – Healing Through Remembering

In 2022, we will be hosting a Lenten series regarding Lament and a Day of Reflection Service on the 21st of June.  Watch the website for up to date information.