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the choices we made

Bystanding and conflict in Northern Ireland

is a filmed collection of six true stories about individuals wrestling with how to behave and act when confronted with sectarianism, violence and prejudice.
The stories range over a 30year period (1972 – 2002) and offer a fresh take on the options available for people during the Northern Ireland Troubles and post–ceasefire.
There are no simple answers.
This is not an easy lesson or comfortable viewing.
What can we learn from this?
How does it help us to understand this period in our history?
How does it differ from the more loudly heard narratives?
What choices could people have made in relation to sectarianism and violence?
What choices can we make today?
How can we as individuals and as a society learn from the past and nurture a more flourishing, inclusive and diverse society?

The film will be accompanied by an Educators’ Guide to support facilitated use with groups of young people and adults. This will include transcripts of the original stories and will be available in Autumn 2017.

The film will be available for release from early December in DVD format and details of how to access it will be published on this page. The DVD is produced for all regions and the total running time is 40 minutes. We will be actively pursuing public broadcast and will make the film available online after this process has been undertaken.

For more information, please contact Sean Pettis via email or telephone 028 9050 8080.

the choices we made - Bystanding and Conflict in Northern Ireland from Hooptedoodle Films on Vimeo.

The Far Side of Revenge

Reflections on the Northern Ireland Peace Process
A paper delivered by Dr. Duncan Morrow at
Glucksman Ireland House, New York University
22nd January 2016


Up: Standing – Stories of Courage from Northern Ireland

Primarily designed to support educators and young people to link the lessons of the past to the choices individuals make today, ‘Upstanding: Stories of Courage from Northern Ireland’ is a 45 minute DVD exploring 10 diverse case studies from all over Northern Ireland showing how people stood up to violence, discrimination or prejudice.

For more information, please visit the website.

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