Corrymeela Resources


Our work of being present to our world and learning what it means to live well together means that we are constantly in need of hearing new stories, engaging with new theories, discovering new meaning, revisiting old ideas and reframing new ways of encountering our societies.

The practice of learning is a dynamic one, and one that requires humility, listening and engagement. To learn something is to recognise that there is something we did not previously know – whether we knew that or whether we were under misunderstanding or partial knowledge. 

Corrymeela began in 1965 – in the years before the Troubles. And we recognise that our call was never only to be a witness for peace during the Irish conflict, but rather a witness to dialogue, faith and life across all aspects of contemporary society. For us, our learning is as relevant to today’s fractures across racial, religious, gender and economic divides as it was during the sectarian divides that resulted in so much death, grief and division in Ireland.