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Desney Cromey was our first volunteer. In 1965 Corrymeela founder Ray Davey sent her to Ballycastle with one task – “Go and see what needs to be done!” And for the last fifty years our volunteers from around the world have been doing exactly that.

volpageWe are recruiting for a Programme Intern – One year residential role at Corrymeela Ballycastle
Corrymeela is looking for someone to support our multi–disciplinary programme team in implementing the programme strategy. The intern will be responsible for administrating and co–facilitating residentials for international university groups and programmed groups and supporting programme development work.  Tasks will include administration, marketing, research, programme and projects design, monitoring and evaluation.

The intern will have the opportunity to work within a supportive and supervised environment, and will be provided with all necessary placement support during the period of the internship. The intern will also be a part of the residential onsite community.

The deadline for applications is 28th January, 2019.

If you are interested in this position, please contact our Volunteering Office for more information. For other Volunteering opportunities see


We are recruiting for an A Rocha Corrymeela Conservation Volunteer (CCV) – for a minimum 6 month period at our Ballycastle Centre
Corrymeela is delighted to be partnering with A Rocha UK to recruit an exciting voluntary role that will be focussed on getting stuck into how to lead Corrymeela’s approach to horticulture and biodiversity onsite. As a lived member of the community the CCV will participate in the rhythm of living and working at Corrymeela Ballycastle.  The role will operate on a five day working week with four days based at Corrymeela and one with A Rocha. The role will be jointly supervised by Corrymeela and A Rocha. Please email for the role description. Or, if you would like to speak to someone about this opportunity please contact Michael on 028 2076 2626.


Mid Term Volunteer Programme (Residential Role at the Ballycastle Centre)
We particularly welcome applications from older volunteers and religious workers. We aim to recruit 4–8 MTVs between January – March, April – June, July – August  and September – December timeframes.On occasion it is possible to do 2 cycles if there is availability. The deadline for this time frame is ideally 2–4 months prior in order to allow time for visas and police background checks to be processed.

However if you are an EU or local volunteer the deadline for applying may be more flexible.

We are currently recruiting for our July – August 2018 and our September – December 2018 cycle of mid–term volunteers. The deadline for applications is rolling throughout the year.

If you are interested in this position, please contact our Volunteering Office for more information.


Short Term Volunteer Programme
Applications are rolling throughout the year
We welcome applications from European citizens (or those with the right to remain in the UK) interested in volunteering for between 1 day and three months. Residential volunteering is subject to availability. Applications from other international volunteers will always be considered but opportunities are more limited.
To find our more about available opportunities please email for an application pack. Currently all residential volunteers must be over 18 unless accompanied by a parent.


More about Volunteering at Corrymeela:
Many of our volunteers have been working on the site for decades, generously giving time and service to the work. Volunteering opportunities range from a few hours to a few days for short term volunteering, a few weeks to a few months for mid–term volunteering, and a year or two for long term volunteering. Corrymeela seeks to be an open village where all are welcome and that is the core of volunteering. We make groups and individuals welcome and we model a different way of being. We believe that people can learn to live and work well together and the volunteer role in this is vital. Volunteers still need to “go and see what needs to be done,” but there are some regular tasks that will be part of the job. That includes welcoming visitors, preparing and serving meals, housekeeping, working alongside programme staff in elements of the programme design and delivery, administrative tasks and special projects relating to role or skills set.  Volunteers get the chance to really invest in the lived community of Corrymeela. This is challenging as volunteers attempt to live and learn well together in a community house while not falling out over the dishes!  The minimum age for a residential volunteer is 18. Beyond that, all that is required is enthusiasm, motivation, willingness to learn, and sympathy with our ethos. Volunteers are supported through induction and training programmes during their time here. Corrymeela welcomes applications from volunteers of all nationalities, ages, faiths, sexual orientation and abilities. It is not required that volunteers be Christian. For some volunteer and intern positions specific skills are needed. Residential volunteers receive all meals and accommodation for the duration of their volunteering with Corrymeela.